to the internet presentation of the Philatelistic Working Group on German Eagle Shields and Postal Stamps of former German States.

Working group Brustschilde und Nachverwendete Altdeutschland-Stempel e.V.

Are you interested in the first stamp issues of the German Reichspost, the so-called Brustschilde? Here you can find comprehensive information about our working group.

Fascinating Eagle Shields

The first edition of Postal Stamps for the young German Empire with their geographical indicator DEUTSCHE REICHS-POST show in their colorless inner circle an imprinted imperial eagle. Its first form with downhanging wings and a small heraldic shield was later replaced by imperial order to show spreaded wings and a larger heraldic shield on the eagle’s  front.

Thus the designation of both early editions as "Eagle Shields" stamps – our field of interest.

Until the introduction of the Mark-currency in decimal system effective January 01st, 1875, the Eagle Shields had to be emitted for two monitary-regions, showing GROSCHEN for the northern German states  counting with the Thaler-currency, in contrast to the KREUZER nominator for the southernmost states continuing to use the Gulden-currency.

These different currency-editions, their wide range of cancellations, the manifold variations/deviations of print, impression and perforation, as well as the different forms of postal use form a multi-faceted philatelic collection field with wide-ranging opportunities for specialization.


The Eagle Shields carry the country nominator Deutsche Reichs-Post indicating the fact that the Kingdoms of Bavaria and Württemberg reserved their postal supremacy i.a.w. article 48 of the imperial constitution. Therefore, the territorial responsibility  of the German Reichs-Post does not cover all of the German Empire.